Lori Corpuz

Lori Corpuz

Strategic Advisor

Lori, a seasoned management executive and engineer from WPI, brings a wealth of experience in finance, venture, strategy, and investments to the company. With a track record of facilitating over $220M+ in fundraising for Silicon Valley and crypto startups, she has demonstrated prowess in driving capital formation.

Lori is a natural architect, blending strategy across technical and social systems. As a product owner at J.P. Morgan, she developed enduring technology for product strategy asset management, leaving a decade-long legacy. Her extensive network, cultivated through her hosted salons, amplifies her influence and success within capital markets.

Based in New York City, Lori is not only a decorated triathlete but also an astute investor. Her focus on venture investments is complimented by her personal study of techno-political market dynamics and game theoretical strategies in corporate finance & development. This combination of executive acumen and investment expertise defines her multifaceted expertise.

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