At American Patent Agency, we seek to make the process of patenting one’s IP as simple and efficient as possible. To that end we provide companies with services such as patent drafting, patent prosecution, and IP portfolio development.

Prior Art Search

One of the first steps in the patent process is a search of previous technology in order to check if the idea, or something similar to it, has already been patented or publicly disclosed. A proper prior art search usually requires extensive technical background and expertise in patent law. However, even with these qualifications, it can be time consuming to sift through the over seven million U.S. patents, current applications, and abandoned ones. The team at American Patent Agency excels at navigating existing prior art in a time-efficient fashion, which is crucial to how quickly the patent is issued.

Provisional Patents

A provisional patent application is easier to file and preserves your application in confidence without publishing it. Having a provisional patent will give you one year to assess the invention’s potential before committing further funds and energy to your idea. It also gives the opportunity to begin commercial promotion using the "Patent Pending" notice in connection with your invention. However, if you do not proceed with the process of obtaining a full patent, your provisional will be abandoned after 12 months.

Patent Drafting

We draft our patents to provide the most complete protection available in the industry. A Utility Patent is issued for the invention of a new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or a new and useful improvement thereof. It generally permits its owner to exclude others from making, using, or selling the invention for a period of up to twenty years from the date of filing. American Patent Agency is comprised of experienced inventors and engineers, giving clients a partner that quickly understands all of the technical details behind your intellectual property.

Patent Prosecution

Legal expertise is required in patent prosecution. As your legal representative, we have a few skills that set us apart from other lawyers and patent agents. These include: We are experienced with USPTO Track 1 Prioritized Examination Procedure, with some patents successfully issued in as little as two to four months. Every step possible is taken to reduce rejections and appeals. Whether prosecuting patents that we have written or taking over for a patent drafted by someone else, we aim to get the patent successfully issued in the shortest amount of time possible.

Portfolio Development

American Patent Agency will help you build the strongest IP foundation possible for your company. We also assist with consulting services, including development of IP strategy, an increase in disclosures from inventors via workshops, even organizing brainstorming sessions with inventors, and any other IP needs of your company.

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