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31 patents obtained for NASA scientist developing environmentally friendly technology


The goal

Dr. Robert Zubrin and APA developed an intellectual property strategy that encompassed prior art searching, patentability analysis, and patent filings. While the strategy initially applied to ten patents, APA has helped Dr. Zubrin with the issuance of over thirty-one patents for Pioneer Energy, either as lead patent agent or as co-counsel, throughout their partnership.

Our partner APV was instrumental in locating a 2010 Department of Energy funding opportunity and building a winning coalition with academic institutions and industrial partners. This groundwork led Pioneer Energy to win the $550,000 grant. More recently, APV helped Dr. Zubrin and his team secure a $500,000 research grant from the Government of Canada as it related to Pioneer Energy's latest developments in liquid fuel production.

Between Series A and D funding for Pioneer Energy, Dr. Zubrin and his team secured over $34 million in investment from private and government sources, during which all of APA's patents passed due diligence.


APA was intimately involved in the initial intellectual property strategy, prior art search, patentability analysis, and drafting and prosecution of over eight initial patents.

Since then, their patent work has passed the due diligence of multiple rounds of investment (most recently $6.5M). They have successfully issued 31 patents with relatively broad claims.

Robert Zubrin, Founder & President

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