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51 patents in less than 3 years


The goal

Aryk Grosz and Patricia Morris, the CTO and CFO of Mixbook, were enmeshed in multiple patent applications with a vendor who took too much time to secure their intellectual property they needed to support their growing business. While the prospect of switching over such a large portfolio to a new agency seemed daunting, American Patent Agency was brought on and immediately provided returns in the form of patents issued in as little as two to three months.

Mixbook's business model, primarily focused on scrapbooking, photo sharing and social collaboration, has a lot to do with images. In a time dominated by visual mediums like Instagram, Youtube, etc., complexities can arise from the multitude of image-driven ideas (and language that pertains to them) being submitted to the USPTO.

Mixbook and APA collaborated on utility patents, design patents, and patent feasibility analyses. These in-depth, upfront searches minimized the subsequent number of Office Actions that needed to be responded to with the USPTO. APA was also able to quickly issue the patents by channeling its dexterity, technical expertise, and knowledge of USPTO procedures to the benefit of Mixbook's business model.


I engaged with American Patent Agency to take over a large patent portfolio for Mixbook. It was one of the best decisions we've made at the company.

Dan and his team have been amazing to work with. They are intelligent, responsive, have strong knowledge of the U.S. patent system and its underlying processes, and – most of all – want to see you get quality patents.

Aryk Grosz, President & CTO

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