Case Studies

Mixbook is a collaborative platform for social expression that allows customers to create photobooks and scrapbooks with a free, online scrapbooking editor. Customers can then share their creations online for free, post them to social networks, or order them in print as high-quality printed photobooks. In November 2012, Mixbook launched Mosaic, a gamechanging iPhone app that takes the time to create a photo book from 5 hours to 5 minutes with a dead-simple user experience.
Everywhere Apparel works at the intersection of the material science and apparel industries providing the most sustainable fiber yarn and textile technologies to help companies meet their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals while setting an example of how to clothe human beings in the 21st century. Everywhere procures unique intellectual IP around low-cost, low-capital expenditure technologies utilizing the most dominant textiles on the planet - cotton and polyester. It's our mission to make the most sustainable, ethical, and comfortable apparel - cleaning the earth while clothing the planet.
Loom is a simple video communication platform for happier employees and customers. It is trusted by world-class employees at leading companies in over 135 countries around the world. The base product is 100% free forever with flexibility in how to record, unlimited storage, and unlimited recording time. The human brain processes information 60,000x faster when watching video versus reading text, and studies have shown that it increases retention of information by 54% on average. Video is the most efficient way to share knowledge and Loom is working to bring video communication to the world.
Simon Chan started Prediction.IO with a seemingly simple goal - to streamline the development of machine learning (ML) technology. PredictionIO is an open source Machine Learning Server built on top of a state-of-the-art open source stack for developers and data scientists to create predictive engines for any machine learning task. PredictionIO can be installed as a full machine learning stack, bundled with Apache Spark, MLlib, HBase, Spray and Elasticsearch, which simplifies and accelerates scalable machine learning infrastructure management. Today, Simon and his team support a community of more than 8,000 developers that power over 400 apps, with Prediction.IO extending SalesforceIQ's machine learning capabilities and enhancing intelligence across their cloud. Their success was predicated on having a unique, forward-thinking solution that addressed the difficulties of developing machine learning technology. Only with the help of an equally innovative, tech-savvy patent agency was Prediction.IO able to secure the IP portfolio it needed to become part of a cutting-edge, publicaly-traded technology company.
Using optical character recognition (OCR), Waygo translates Chinese, Japanese & Korean to English by simply holding a smartphone camera over the characters with no need for an Internet connection. It is also a helpful tool for language learners to master new words and phrases. Waygo uses proprietary algorithms to create simple phrases. When benchmarked against ABBYY, the top commercial OCR software, Waygo is five times faster, two times more accurate, and a tenth of the file size. Go like a local. Download in the App Store.
Pioneer Energy is a technology developer and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the oil & gas industry whose chief aim is to increase domestic energy production from a variety of sources. The company was founded by astronautical engineer Dr. Robert Zubrin, who created intellectual property while doing work for NASA and the Department of Energy at Pioneer Astronautics. Today, Pioneer Energy is developing mobile solutions to address market demands in the oil & gas industry.

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