Patent Prosecution

Whether prosecuting patents that we have written or taking over for a patent drafted by someone else, we aim to get the patent successfully issued in the shortest amount of time possible.



A Good Legal Team

Legal expertise is required in patent prosecution. As your legal representative, we have a few skills that set us apart from other lawyers and patent agents. These include:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the technology in question
  • Knowledge of the intended applications of the intellectual property
  • Awareness of the strategic role that the IP plays in the client’s business
  • Prosecution of every patent within the context of the client’s broader IP portfolio (if applicable)
  • Responding to the USPTO’s actions quickly and efficiently to keep the process moving
  • Utilizing the USPTO’s accelerated filing process
  • Communicating effectively with the USPTO to help resolve rejections quickly


Accelerated Examination

At American Patent Agency, we get patents from filing to issuance faster than anywhere else. Our team makes use of the Accelerated Examination process. The USPTO grants acceleration for special cases (i.e., based on: manufacture, infringement, environmental quality, energy, recombinant DNA, superconductivity materials, HIV/AIDS and cancer, countering terrorism and biotechnology). They also grant accelerated examination based on the applicant’s health or age.

We are very experienced with the new USPTO Track 1 Prioritized Examination Procedure, with some patents successfully issued in as little as 2-4 months. Our team is also participating in the new USPTO Glossary Expedited Examination Pilot Program.

Dealing with Rejections

When patents are rejected, which inevitably happens to some, it is crucial to fully understand the examiner’s issues so that the necessary changes can be made. This comprehensive approach increases the likelihood that a patent will be issued without long delays.


If we cannot reach an agreement with the examiner, we may file an appeal to the patent office, asserting that our client’s patent application was wrongly rejected. If the appeal is successful, the patent office may order that a patent be issued, or that the patent examiner correct his or her examination of the application.

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