Folia Water’s aim is to provide a range of accessible, effective, robust and culturally adapted technologies to prevent waterborne illness. As technological advancement is contingent upon literacy and education, Folia Water products include educational materials to enable users to gain control of their water quality, sanitation and health. The technology was created by Dr. Theresa Dankovich during her Ph.D. research at McGill University. It has undergone a multi-year development and testing process.

The company has received awards from TIME, Fast Company, Foreign Policy, the Institution of Chemical Engineers and many other organizations and publications.

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Jonathan Levine Co-Founder of Folia Water

“APA did all of this work quickly, efficiently and all pro bono, simply because they believed in our mission to provide safe water to those without... and the importance of intellectual property protection to being able to achieve our goal”

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Developing IP

Jonathan Levine first met American Patent Agency President Dan Hussain at a conference when he was an academic scientist. This was well before he became a founder of Folia Water, a 501(c)3 nonprofit with new technology that allows their team to deliver safe drinking water to billions in the developing world for less than a penny a day. Each Folia Filter can handle up two weeks of water for a family of four, requires no external energy or outputs and can be printed with important health and sanitation information.

Hussain later talked to Levine about Folia Water’s frustrations with university IP departments. That dialogue eventually led to American Patent Agency representing the nonprofit on a pro bono basis. APA later filed provisional patents to cover the filter holder designs based on Folia Water’s design research in Bangladesh and other locations.

With quick turnaround time, Folia Water was able to secure the necessary intellectual property to continue their mission of providing access to clean water to millions.

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