Using optical character recognition (OCR), Waygo translates Chinese to English by simply holding a smartphone camera over the characters with no need for an Internet connection. It is also a helpful tool for language learners to master new words and phrases.

Waygo uses proprietary algorithms to create simple phrases. When benchmarked against ABBYY (the top commercial OCR) the software is five times faster, two times more accurate and a tenth of the file size. Go like a local. Download in the App Store.

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Ryan Rogowski 'Co-Founder & CEO'

"They went above and beyond to help us write up an additional utility and design patent which was more than we had initially expected. The APA team recognized the uniqueness of our design and was able to help us apply for two more additional patents than we had expected."

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Developing IP

Ryan Rogowski, CEO of Translate Abroad, sought to expand his patent portfolio prior to a round of financing from investors. He reached out to American Patent Agency regarding his timeline and filing needs for Waygo, a computer vision algorithm under development for two years at the time of contact. The patents would prove his team's technology to be proprietary and protected for the years to come.

Upon working with APA, Rogowski noticed a great deal of detail applied to claims such that the patents would be as broad as possible. An additional utility and design patent were drafted as APA came to recognize the uniqueness of Translate Abroad's startup business. When it came to the USPTO's review of these patents, only one rebuttal was made, with the issuance only requiring three months.

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Issued Patents

ClientPublicationIndustryFiling to IssuanceFiling TypePatent
Waygo 8761513 Software 3 Months Accelerated PDF
Waygo 8965129 Software 8 Months Normal PDF
Waygo D706803 Software 3 Months Accelerated PDF
Waygo 9275046 Software 6 Months Normal PDF
Waygo D749115 Software 12 Months Accelerated PDF

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