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We are committed to protecting ideas and helping others better understand the patent process and potential of their inventions. So far we’ve helped create the intellectual property foundation for individual inventors, corporations, and start-up companies.



About Us

American Patent Agency was founded by entrepreneurs that strive to help make the process of protecting one’s IP as simple and efficient as possible. Our job is to help bridge the gap between the original idea and the actual manufacturing of the product as quickly as possible. Conducting our business with clarity is central because we know the importance of keeping the client involved in the process and aware of developments. Our team includes a combination of experienced engineers, lawyers, and inventors who enjoy working on innovative ideas and understand the difficulties of protecting your ideas.

Sector Expertise

Taking the time to fully understand the client’s invention contributes to the quality of our work. In order to make sure we thoroughly understand the technology in question, American Patent Agency retains a broad network of advisers who are specialists in a very wide range of industries. Specific technical sector experience includes: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering, Software/Computer Science, Renewable Energy Systems, Oil and Gas Extraction and Pharmaceuticals/Medicine Biomedical.

Processing Time

At American Patent Agency we get patents from filing to issuance faster than anywhere else. Our familiarity with the drafting process and ability to effectively communicate with patent examiners. We make every effort to preempt rejections from the examiner and address possible validity issues before they become a problem.

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