Genes Can Be Patented!

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A federal appeals court ruled on Friday that genes can be patented, overturning a lower court decision that had shocked the biotechnology industry. The ruling stated that DNA isolated from the body was eligible for patents because it


Patent News - Battle of the Heavyweights

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Things are about to heat up in the lawsuit between two of silicon valleys’ heavyweight firms. Judge Donna Ryu of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California decided to allow Oracle to conduct a deposition of Larry Page; Google CEO. This decision stems from Oracle’s lawsuit against Google for alleged patent and copyright infringement in the use of java in android. Java was developed by Sun Microsystems, which was purchased by Oracle in January 2010. Within only seven months of this merger, Oracle was in court seeking prosecution against the internet behemoth that is Google. The implications of the deposition could be the deciding factor in this lawsuit. Oracle lawyers will be allowed to grill Larry Page for two hours – probably amounting to the longest 2 hours of his life. Undoubtedly, they will be seeking to unearth some evidence that proves he knowingly infringed upon their intellectual property. As for now, Google claims it has acted within bounds of the law.


Apple Patents Multi-Touch

Posted in IP News

At long last Apple has finally been awarded a patent on multi-touch technology. The repercussions of this really can't be known at the moment, but this very well may change the nature of battles between smart phones and tablets.

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