Patent Agency

Software & Technology Patents prepared by Engineers. We help founders & startups develop their IP portfolio through a quick & efficient process.

Prior Art Search

One of the first steps in the patent process is a search of previous technology in order to check if the idea has already been patented.

Provisional Patents

A provisional patent application is the initial draft of a full utility patent. Once filed, a provisional protects your IP for one year.

Patent Drafting

The final document we develop will outline which aspects of your invention become protected by the USPTO.

Patent Prosecution

Whether prosecuting a patent drafted by us or filed initially by another firm, we aim to get it issued in the shortest amount of time possible.

Portfolio Development

We understand clearly the technology being patented and your future product roadmap. We strive to build the strongest IP foundation possible for your company.

a little about us

American Patent Agency was founded by entrepreneurs that strive to make the process of protecting one’s IP as simple and efficient as possible. Our job is to help bridge the gap between the original idea and the commercial deployment of the product as quickly as possible.

Conducting our business with clarity is central because we know the importance of keeping the client involved in the process and aware of all developments. Our team includes a combination of experienced engineers, patent agents, lawyers, and inventors who enjoy working on innovative ideas and understand the difficulties of protecting your ideas.

How we excel

Processing Time

Our comprehensive knowledge of technologies allow us to move from from filing to issuance faster than anyone else.

Technical Expertise

American Patent Agency employs a core staff with a deep level of technical expertise in a variety of fields.

Startup Friendly

Our job is to bridge the gap between the original idea and the actual commercial deployment of your product as quickly as possible.

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